When deciding to write about my lifestyle and interests, I never truly reflected on what exactly I wanted to cover. There are several influences within me that have pushed me to share my life and experiences with the world.

Let us start with a little “About Me” section! I am a 22 year old male, who works a night time job with PepsiCo as a forklift operator. Yeah, not so luxurious right? Well, during that time, I spend my life as a full time college student, volunteer firefighter, outdoor enthusiast, and firearms enthusiast.

I grew up as an avid hunter and trapper. My love for the outdoors began when I stepped into the woods and somehow just forgot about the “hunt”. My senses were more in tune than ever before, and I found comfort in their tells. Being able to hear the leaves rustling dozens of yards away, seeing the vibrant colors of fall, hearing the rain patter on leaves, knowing a tree by the touch of its bark, and catching wildlife in their natural habitat without being noticed. These are just a few of the incredible sense satisfying things the outdoors have to offer. I find myself often camping, hiking, backpacking, and adventuring to a variety of beautiful places. I hope you will join me on these adventures as I share them! What about my lifestyle?

My lifestyle is currently in the shape of the “American Dream”. I have a home, a beautiful wife, three dogs, a child on the way, and the ever-so-perfect picket (privacy) fence! With that said, my personality is much different from the average man. I take passion and human morals to the next level. I live my life on the foundation of Integrity, Trust, and Respect. With that comes a unique clothing style, hobby style, moral style, and living style. Through this blog one will learn the ways in which I believe are the finest to live. Yes, you will hear about my mistakes, failures, and accomplishments. Hopefully you all can enjoy and learn from my own trials and tribulations.

Firearms are too controversial nowadays! Putting aside the negative stigma with which they are associated, they are beautiful tools. It is my goal and my passion to show and inform the world on different types and uses of modern weaponry. The possibilities are endless! It is a right of the American people to keep and bear arms. Hopefully, by reading my blog, one can learn and experience more about lawfully owned and operated firearms.

All these things and more are the reasons I have decided to continuously write about my lifestyle and the experiences that are ongoing. As time goes on, I want to grow with my readers and have a positive impact on your lives. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to many years of posting!


Alex Oak