Many of my adventures consist of a creature that is like no other. One that follows me, leads me, likes me,loves me, and listens to me. Okay, okay, it’s not really a creature per say…Its my Pooch! Throughout this entry, you will learn the story of my pup Titan who plays a huge role in my life! So into the mystic life of Titan…

Searching for a new companion is tough. Especially within a few months after having your best friend laid to rest due to kidney failure (RIP Dannyboy). A seemingly emptiness overwhelms you when you lose a dog… So, after I mourned Danny, I began the search for a new bestfriend to fill that emptiness and grow older with. 

After searching over several months throughout every shelter house in the southern half of Indiana, I found a puppy who immediately caught my eye. 

I decided that I had to have him! 


Titan was born sometime around August of 2012 to a family who didn’t expect not want and puppies. 

He was dropped at a shelter about 45 minutes from my home. Where he was held until he was 8 weeks of age.  I made an appointment to meet him immediately. 

After some time of play and meet and greet I knew he was coming home with me. He was the softer and fluffier than I ever could have imagined! He also had that little bit of feisty, “I do what I want” attitude I was looking for! I rescued that little guy without a second thought. He belonged with me! 

He grew up so fast! He began driving long befor I expected! (Not really)  haha let’s move on to his next wonderful years. After this last cuteness photo of course….

Now moving on past the cuteness of my loving adventure partner! We shall proceed on through his devil pup years…

Titan has always had a love for trash…lots and lots of trash…

Enter sick Titan. 

Sick Titan decided to get into the trash one evening a week after Thanksgiving. In this particle bag of trash were the tasty, slightly stinky remains of the turkey (see where this is going?). I came home to this ^^^ very sick pooch. Needless to say after an 8hr night of me thinking he was going to die…I took him in for a $700 emergency surgery where they found a group of stuck turkey tendons and a 6X6 piece of CANVAS! WHAT??!!! Long story short he didn’t stop there. Over the next year he got into the trash several times and I had to induce vomiting via hydrogen peroxide (works amazingly btw) and after so many times, I believe he started to wisen up! 

Between the vomits, vet runs, and other unexplainable chaos, I grew to love the nitwit I adopted three years ago. He is my bestfriend and he never fails to humor me. 


Well. That is Titan! He is a loving, goofy, nitwitty, mutt, but he’s mine and I know he will always have my back. Having this one always by side has helped me a lot along the way ( when I’m not home he sleeps on my clothes because he misses me….how precious!). He encourages me to get out and never leaves me lonely. I hope we have many more happy years before he crosses that rainbow bridge. Here are some more photos of my bestfriend! Hope you enjoy!