Since I was a child, I have always had a fascination with nature. One of my most prominent fascinations would be with the Sun.

I see the Sun as my motivation. Like most people, I have to earn a living, take care of a family, etc. When I get up every morning and need inspiration, the Sun never fails to keep me striving to perform better. Who am I to think I deserve a break when some people never get even one. 

Being a Freemason, I have grown to love the Sun even more than I could imagine. It is humbling to be able to use this gift as a piece also as a piece of symbolism.

Taking into consideration the amount of resources that the Sun alone provides for us, proves to be extravagant. Heat, water, vitamins, energy, electricity, climates, plants, food, etc. etc. What it means to me to be able to appreciate the wonders of the world such as the Sun, most will never know. Hopefully this can help sum it up for you. 

Okay! After boring you with my views on the Sun, let’s get to the good stuff!


Throughout this particular blog, I will spam you with my favorite captures of the Sun at its most beautiful state in nature. I rise with the Sun to start my day! How does the Sun influence you? 


Creating a spiritual bond with nature has helped me become a better person. I don’t see the Sun for just its physical value, but for everything it represents.

With views like these, who could forget to mention the colors? Where in the world can you find more naturally established colors? I find that photos like these will change color drastically within seconds. Sometimes I would only have anywhere from a 30-60 second window to find a good shot before the color faded!

In the area I live, Many of the views I capture are from passing by. The others are from the trail or a favorite spot.  This one above was taken in the winter on the way back from a friends place.

My most favorite color variations are the vibrant pinks and oranges!

This one ^ was taken right in my back yard! How could I not get on the house to get a good picture!?

Check out the incredible cloud pattern and the color this sunrise put on them!


Whether it begins your day or ends your day, without the Sun we would be nonexistent. Appreciate the influence it has on your lives and learn to respect it. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures!

-Alex Oak